Ezee Ct-com


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May 8, 2007
Hi everyone
Having recently discovered this site I was wondering if there is anyone out there with the same type bike as mine and some of their experiences of it?
I bought a Eeze CT-COM 2 years ago from 50 Cycles here in Loughborough and mine has been absolutely faultless, and still looks like new.True it isn't the lightest machine on the road as I (with hindsight) took the cheaper option and went with the lead acid battery,which is still ok but reminds you of it's weight whenever you cross ground that is less billiard table smooth!
Longest run without recharge was 18 miles but this was when the battery was still young and I was testing the range, a lot of pedal assistance was needed toward the end, comfortable distance these days is 9 miles, which luckily enough is my daily commute(recharge takes 3 hours).
Spoke to 50cycles recently and they said they hadn't sold that many of this model so......are there any more out there?


Oct 25, 2006
Hello Mike, a belated welcome to the forum. I must say you've surprised me, I'd never heard of the eZee CT-COM, but it sounds as though it might have been another variant using the motor that was in the Rider and is now in the Liv. You might recognise it from the 50cycles website page on the Liv.

Even if someone else hasn't got one, there's consolation in having such exclusivity in these mass production days. :)