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Mar 3, 2016
If you look back through the ancient history in this thread, you will see my review of the Freego Raptor and the start of my commuting adventures.
I learned a great deal and the bike served me well, up to a point. I bought the wrong bike really as slightly dodgy knees, too much eating and a single speed, 200W bike were never going to be ideal bedfellows.
I survived, as did the Raptor, but the batteries were tired and the expense of refurbishing two 5,5 AH 24V batteries was prohibitive for the likely end result.
I have taken the plunge again and hopefully am better prepared this time. Again I am somewhat restricted by the Ride2work scheme but my provider allows use of a LBS and they have just started stocking Ezego bikes. As a store they are quite fussy and have previously rejected most of the cheaper brands choosing to focus on the Giant range (which comfortably exceeds my budget) The store owner told me about the Ezego range as he was pleasantly surprised at the value for money.
I have gone for the Commute EX Gents, which at £999 sits right on the ride2work limit. It's quite an impressive beast though and appears to be beautifully put together.
I've had it for a week and I'm still grinning riding to and from work. Disc brakes are new to me and are a revelation as I find them smooth and unfazed by rain. The power delivery is very brisk and in town traffic, full power is far too much. I never thought I would run an electric bike on anything less than max! Working range appears to be about 30 - 35 miles from the slightly chunky 11.6 AH battery, which is adequate for my needs.
I'm not sure how the torque sensor works but it's an advance on the Freego's full crank rotation method as it seems to kick in after as little as a quarter turn. Again, I'm not sure how, but turning the power off appears to remove any "drag" from normal peddling, something that the Freego couldn't reproduce.
At 19Kg, it's heavier than the Freego, but still far less than many other electric bikes even though it has the usual rack and stand.
Of course, it has rained consistently since I have taken delivery and I have rediscovered mudguards. I haven't had them since my school days. What a fool I have been! Yes I'm still getting as wet as only a cyclist really knows, but at least now it's only the stuff coming down and not the mucky mess coming up!
70 miles in, thousands still to come.


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Jan 20, 2019
Good to read your review,i viewed the same bike today.Very impressive at the price.Ijust completed my Cyclescheme application.
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