F/S: £22+postage - 2 Button Digital Aux Input & 3 Position Auxiliary Input Switch for Cycle Analyst V3.1


Esteemed Pedelecer
May 27, 2012
Westbury, Wiltshire
Hey folks.

I've made a small batch of combination 2 button digital aux input & 3 position auxiliary input switches for Cycle Analyst V3.1.


Please note that this switch requires that the Cycle Analyst is running firmware version 3.1 or above.

If anyone is interested, they are available for £22 each + postage, payable using PayPal. Postage sent using Royal Mail, costs are as follows:

UK: £2.95
Europe: £8.95
Rest of World: £9.90

Postage costs for additional units (2 or more) are small increments. Apologies for the high international postage costs, but I don't set postage prices.

If you would like to make a purchase, send me a PM detailing your email address, country of residence and how many you require and I will generate a PayPal payment invoice for you.

Further details:

This combination 2 button digital and 3 position auxiliary input switch can be configured to control two of the following Cycle Analyst V3 parameters:

Mode presets
Amps limit
Speed limit
Power limit
ThrO limit
PAS level


Cable length: 50cm
Connector : JST-SM 3-pin male
To fit handlebar diameter: 22mm


Mount the switch on your handlebar.
Connect the switch to the WHITE 3-PIN FEMALE JST-SM Cycle Analyst V3 connector.
Confirm that your Cycle Analyst V3 is running firmware version 3.1 or above. If your Cycle Analyst is running an earlier firmware version, you will be required to update it using a programming cable, available from Grin Cyclery (ebikes.ca).
Configure your Cycle Analyst V3 with the following settings:
Analog Aux Settings > AuxA Control Type > [3-Pos Sw]
Analog Aux Settings > AuxA Input Function > [SELECT FUNCTION]
Analog Aux Settings > Switch Med Level > [SET MED LIMIT PERCENTAGE] (not applicable if ‘AuxA Input Function’ is set to ‘Presets’)
Analog Aux Settings > Switch Low Level > [SET LOW LIMIT PERCENTAGE] (not applicable if ‘AuxA Input Function’ is set to ‘Presets’)
Digital Aux Settings > AuxD Control Type > [2 Btn]
Digital Aux Settings > AuxD Input Function > [SELECT FUNCTION]
Digital Aux Settings > Number of Levels > [SET NO. OF LEVELS]
Digital Aux Settings > Low Percentage Limit > [SET LOW PERCENTAGE LIMIT]