Fatbike with Bafang bbs for 100mm bottom bracket

Hello to the Fatbike Group,

as probably some of you know I provide technical support for www.fatbike-motor.com in China

but I have a distance to fatbike´s where I doubting the sense ...... but after a tour I have to say it's been fun and the views of the other´s are guaranteed ( I guess they probably think what is this for a stupid men's toy:D)

Base is a Fatbike of BH bikes which I bought here www.fatbike24.de for 699euro equipped with Shimano 27 speed Acera gear´s and hydraulic disc brake´s

Motor base is the well-known mid-drive with 250W Bafang the battery came from Phylion with 8 Ah

The kit to convert the Bafang BBSxx midd-drive to a 100mm bottom bracket comes naturally from China www.fatbike-motor.com and costs 175USD from China plus import duty. Then you have to spend 20-GBT because you must let welding the housing-extension in a welding company.

I made myself an adapter for two chainrings with 104mm whole-circle because I don´t like the big Bafang chainring. The derailleur for the front chainrings I have not mounted because the weather was so nice today that I had to turn first a round on the bike. Chainrings are 32/38 I thought to fit something small in case I´ll cross a river or something ;-)

Total costs are therefore approximately 1850Euro for this e-Fatbike finished on the street.

I think as a fun device it´s in the green zone specialy after I look what other´s call for Fatbike's Pedelec

In summary, I would say makes a lot of fun with motor but Fatbike remains a fun machine but there …..it makes really good mood :)


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Sep 22, 2012
The tyres are a bit over inflated - the orange rim tape should be all but flat, not 'doming' through the holes in the rim.

I suppose the weight of the conversion may need an extra psi or two, but the pressure still looks too high.
.....but the pressure still looks too high.
you are right but I just want go on the road after install the motor and for my weigth of 130kg I thought put some psi extra to the tire but in between I let some pressure out of the tire because I took a ride in the forrest and my ass gave the signal of to high airpressure in the tire ;)
I really don't like fat bikes....
Hi Eddie,
I guess we have that in common but
I sell the bafang bbs 100mm bottom-bracket conversion kit and I thought it would be a good idea to know more about fatbike and not just sell the kit without knowing about ;)

But I must admit that I had a lot of fun on riding across the forrest with this fatbike, much more as with a normal Mountainbike.......