For Sale: Keyde electric kit including front wheel and Li-Ion bottle battery


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Dec 13, 2012
This is a used Keyde front hub motor and Li-Ion bottle battery kit, built up in to a wheel by DCR Wheels ( with Sapim Strong spokes and Exal LX17 rim (17 mm bead width, so best for tyres in the 28C - 40C range but okay down to 25C). It's a 6-bolt disc hub but the rim is for rim brakes, so either can be used.

My wife used it once or twice a week for about a year when she first started cycling to work but as she got fitter she didn't need it (and eventually got a dynamo front hub instead for winter use). In use, the battery never really went below 30 % charge or so and was charged after every use. So it's not been depleted fully very often, if at all, so it should be in good shape (I'm particular about looking after batteries so they last). Since she finished using it the battery has been topped up on trickle charge every month or so.

The kit comprises:
- 98SWXDC disc front hub motor with built-in controller (250W, 33V, 160RPM, silver, 36 holes)
- 9.3Ah batter. 33 V
- Battery charger. 33 V
- LED display
- Cable with three branches (1.2m hub to battery)
- Speed sensor

There's one or two spare cables too that I bought as extras

The pedelec sensor magnetic ring fits between the left-hand crank arm and bottom bracket shell, on a square taper bottom bracket, with sensor on the bottom bracket shell. It's a normal front sized axle (not narrow like Brompton or thru-axle, etc.).

I've tested the kit and it works fine. There's a couple signs of wear (see photos):
- The bottle battery has a dent from where my wife slipped on Sheffield's tram tracks.
- On the display (showing battery level and selected power output) the third battery level indicator LED isn't working. The others are fine.
- The bracket for the display has cracked. Some glue and zip ties should make it fine, I think.

It's a lightweight kit and runs quite freely when not powered. Plus it is discrete as the controller is in the hub.

Collection is from Sheffield or I can potentially post to the UK. Postage will be a at cost, of course. I'm not going to work out postage yet (with various couriers and their size / weight / battery restrictions) to save time as it might be collected anyway (which I'd prefer so you can see it).

Was £600 ish new. £200 for local collection (plus an courier cost if posting).

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Dec 13, 2012
I forgot to say explicitly, the wheel is a 700C one (well, the rim is). The RPM of the hub is chosen for a 700C wheel too (with a lower 700C-compatible RPM chosen for better hill climbing) but there's possibly some flexibility in it's use (regulars on here can probably give advice, I'm sure)