fork upgrade from 100 to 130 for a haibike fullnine 8.0 2019


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Feb 5, 2019
Hi guys!

I want to upgrade my fork on a 2019 Haibike Fullnine 8.0.
It originally came with a 100mm Rockshox Yari, 51mm offset.
What do you think about replacing it with this, a Fox 34 130mm offset 51mm?
I sent an e-mail and a facebook message to Haibike about the maximum allowed fork size but didn't get an answer.
My biggest worries are:
1. the frame, if it's going to take it
2. how it's going to feel when switching from 100 to 130mm travel
I can't seem to find the 2019 range, was curious if my frame was used by other bikes with longer travel.


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May 23, 2015
it is recommended you only go up in size of 20mm but either way you will change the bottom bracket Hight the bigger fork you use and will change the way the bike feels.

i tried a 200mm fork on my bike as stock was 150mm and was taken off the same day as did not like it at all as pushed the bike up way to high for my riding style.

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