Full size mudguard on Rockshox suspension fork hack


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Aug 12, 2014
Hi, I fitted a Rockshox Gold 30 suspension fork and still had a front full size mudguard spare.

Mudguard - Bontrager NCS fenders

1. I used the back mudguard seatstays bridge bracket for the front.
2. The bracket was attached to the mudguard and put up against the front fork cross bracket. The bracket already attached to the mudguard was put against the back of the fork cross bracket, I used rubber washers in-between the two mudguard brackets to keep the mudguard secure, a 5mm bolt could have been used, I used a 6mm one as I had one spare.
3. Rubber coated stainless steel pipe clips (37mm) were attached to the suspension fork legs and the mudguard stay eyes were bolted in-between the pipe clips.
I had to use longer 5mn bolts to get everything to fit easily.
As the clips are high up it clears a disk brake no problem, the bottom of the mudguard sticks out a bit though
I have spare 5mm stainless nylon locknuts (no spare bolts) and 2 spare stainless steel pipe clips if anybody wants them.
This might or might not work with any mudguard, thanks for reading.

Hope this helps somebody.


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