Giant Suede battery


Dec 29, 2009
west wales
I am looking for a battery not sure of amps now if I cant find one will a slightly higher amp batt set cause anything to blow? Also the two/ three? terminals on the bike which the batt connects to does anyone know poss and neg which ones are,
What would the right cell packs to buy also for it ni mh
many thanks


Oct 25, 2006
The original battery is 36 volts and I think 9 Ah. You can have any Ah, but best to use 9 or more to ensure good enough performance. I don't know if your cells are vertical or side by side formation, side by side can be recelled if you have the ability to solder them, but vertically stacked cells can be much more difficult.

Really good NiMh cells are very difficult to obtain now and expensive when they do exist. The move to lithium closed most of the good production lines for the D cells which your battery needs. Trying for packs in Britain is even more difficult, but this page on the American Batteryspace site has packs which might have the formation yours uses

Best bet is to find out the price of a new one through your nearest Giant dealer, since that could be cheapest. I'm sure they are available since the NiMh ones for the much older Giant Lafree are still sold by Giant. Here's the dealer finder page for you, enter your location and then click the "Hybrid" option for the e-bike dealers:

Giant dealers


May 10, 2007
Isle of Man
My Giant Suede battery says '36v - 9000mAh. Power output max 20A' on it. The last I heard, a new battery from Giant UK was £250 but that was about three years ago. Any Giant dealer should be able to quickly find out the current price for you. My first battery started to struggle after about 14 months. The second, which I got in November 2007, only started to show reduced range this last winter (when the cold weather didn't help). Still getting 15 - 20 miles on a charge in a very hilly area. If you do get a new one I'd recomment following flecc's advice and doing a full discharge every two moths. I've done that with the second battery but not the first.