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No, its all down to stone chips or scrapes, perhaps I should always keep the front mudguard on, but I'm not certain that would help, and its another two bolts to tighten each time I put the bike together

Could you attach long rubber mudflaps? I have seen them somewhere on one of these threads...

Aha! Here are the ones mentioned - these very likely won't fit your mudguards, but you get the idea:

Something like those might keep some of the stones away...
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Jun 12, 2011
About your limited space on your tapering handlebars, consider a stainless steel U-bolt and attachments from RAM Mount. They have attachments for everything you could possibly want and the connections are versatile and totally secure.

A question for you. You mentioned that the instructions advise not to change the level of motor assist by phone app while you are underway. I believe this means that you set the average assist you want and then rely on the boost button for uphill terrain. How does this work in practice? The reason I ask is that I’m frequently changing the level of assist on my Bosch setup, unless in eMTB mode. I’m not sure how I’d feel about having only two levels of assist, the assist of your choice plus boost assist.
G3 handlebars. plastic with Knight Rider LEDs in the plastic!



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Nov 7, 2015
I like the Gocycle. Fully enclosed drive train and hub gears is very clean and pratical. They look fab though that is personal.

From all accounts they ride really well, and last well. I may never own one but I can appreciate why you might want to.

Is it £3,399 better than my £100 second hand Oxygen? Does it matter?

Probably a better question is whether it is £2,530 better than a Woosh Rambletta.

Lets face it if you are buying a Rambletta you are probably not considering a Gocycle.

I am pleased they both exist.
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Jan 26, 2013
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A good review and it pleases me I made the right decision in not getting one. I still lust after it but don't think it would be suitable in my far from flat riding conditions.
Then there's wiping it down after getting rained on, it's more work than having a horse.
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