Good deal from Halfords.


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Oct 5, 2013
Decided to take advantage of Halfords 20% trade in deal last week for a new MTB to put a BBS02 on and glad I did.
Went for a Carrera Vulcan priced at £350 and traded in a 20 year old Bell helmet that my son used when he was at school which brought the price down to £280.
The pdi found a tiny paint chip under the crossbar so they gave me a tenner to spend as compensation which was handy as I needed a spare chain.
Then to cap it all the girl at the checkout knocked another 20% off ( I didn't ask why) so it ended up at £234 and a free chain.
They even gave me a voucher for a free silver service ,valued at £25, to be used in the next 12 months.
Should be sorted by next weekend hopefully as just waiting for an Eggrider display to arrive.
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