Goodbye & Thanks


Nov 17, 2009
Warks/Glos Border
This morning I sold my Ezee Sprint GTS HR to a very nice gentleman from Milton Keynes.

(Bankie, I hope you enjoy it, the power, the range and the quality - good luck with it and thanks for a straightforward sale)

I have enjoyed my brief (18 month) experience with power assisted cycles and may well return to them in the future, but for now I`m hanging up my charger leads!

Thanks to this Forum

Thanks to all on this forum for their informative, humorous, opinionated, balanced, challenging, friendly and flirtatious postings. I have enjoyed them all and learned a great deal from both the threads I posted on and those I just watched. It is an incredibly valuable resource and long may it remain so.

Thanks to the guys at OnBike

Thanks also go to the guys at OnBike, especially Andrew and Phil. Their advice and patience was invaluable when I was initially deciding what to buy. The long term loan of a couple of bikes was of real benefit and their enthusiasm and incredible knowledge without at any point trying to push me in one direction or another does them great credit. I would strongly advise anyone considering any of the makes they stock to go over there and try before you buy - they are most definitely some of the good guys in this industry.

Thanks for improved on road confidence & fitness

As a result of riding to and from my office on the Sprint, covering around 3500 miles, I have rediscovered my enthusiasm and confidence for being on two wheels again. Up until March 2010 I had not been cycling much at all and was a little less confident on busy roads on two wheels. I have now bought another bike (an unpowered Ridgeback Hybrid) which I can comfortably cycle my commute route with taking only around 5 minutes longer. I have also bought a Honda PCX 125 which I am loving scooting round the local lanes while returning over 120 mpg - until I was happy on two wheels again I would not have even considered buying a scooter or motorbike! So as a result of starting out on an e-bike journey I have now re-found my two wheeled feet and with improved fitness am happily riding some reasonable distances.

Goodbye, Goodluck, Stay safe & Have Fun

Goodbye to all at Pedelecs - I`m sure I`ll look in from time to time, but for now I wish you all the very best and hope you all stay safe and have fun!

All the best



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Feb 22, 2011
South Shields, Tyne & Wear
What a lovely post Bob and I, for one, wish you well in the future, will try my best to stay safe and have fun :)
Good luck


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Apr 10, 2011
You don`t have to go altogether Bob.

Drop in every now and again and let us know how your cycling is getting on.



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Nov 8, 2010
Good choice on the PCX Bob .I was up in London at the weekend and had a go on a friend`s PCX , I even got on well with the stop/start . I have a 250 Leonardo Scooter and was very impressed with the Honda even though it was only a 125cc . Happy Scootering !