Halfords Carrera impel im-2 Electric Hybrid Bike


Apr 4, 2017
Coming soon?
Halfords Carrera impel im 1. 2. 3
Not sure how the 3 will compare with the crossfire or woosh gran camino. Short of meaningful specs at the moment.
Looks like the 1 and 2 are low spec ebikes? At first glance


Finding my (electric) wheels
Jun 28, 2020
the impel 1,2 and 3 seem more like the subway as all have rigid forks. The impel 1 is a single speed weighing in at 19.18kg. The 2 is a 9 speed at 19.64kg and both have cable disc brakes and a 367wh battery. For £200 more you can get the impel 3 which seams well worth the extra as you get 10 speed, hydraulic brakes and a 496wh battery, although this weighs 24kg. All have inntegrated lights and batteries and use a hyena 250 watt rear hub motor.

Lancs Lad

Finding my (electric) wheels
Sep 23, 2021
I bobbed into my local Halfords and the Impel didn’t look as nice in the flesh as it did in the pictures. Not sure what it was that made it look a lot less impressive than it did in the publicity shots. Definitely not as good looking as the budget option from Pure which is a really nice design.
looks aren’t everything though so I’d be interested to see how it stacks up reliability wise to their older models which don’t seem to have a great rep on here.

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