Handle bar problem


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May 15, 2011
you have now ruled out the crank.
is the click as loud as for example cracking an egg or can you give us a comparison with a noise that we can gauge? also, can you confirm that the motor does not produce the click on throttle alone?

The sprag clutch is special in crank drive, it is mounted on the bottom bracket's axle, chaindrive side, just behind the gearbox cover, to allow either the motor or the pedals to drive the chainring.
with power off, if you turn the cranks backward, you should be able to hear tiny, faint, fast and regular clicks from the sprag clutch. These clicks come from the sprag clutch teeth, flipping back and forth as you turn the cranks backwards. If you can hear the tiny clicks from the sprag clutch then you should be able to find out if the click you hear when you pedal comes from the same place. If it does, then let me know.
On the non drive side of the bottom bracket, there is the pedelec sensor. Listen carefully if any click comes out of the pedelec sensor when you turn the cranks backward. Let me know if you can hear something from there.
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Oct 31, 2011
trex, thanks for your replies on this thread. I've just bought a Bali, and suffered the same slack stem. Same click, too. Stem: Fixed, thanks to this thread. Click: I'm sure it's the 'gearbox' engaging, bit off putting initially, but only as weird as when still, backpedalling and the chain doesn't move! So far, a really nice bike, no whinges.