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Jun 12, 2019
Hello Folks,

I'm toying with the idea of converting my existing 29er hardtail. Lots of reading to do of what's required and how much it'll cost.



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May 19, 2012
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you should post some pictures of your bike.
Broadly speaking, you have:
- three types of motors: direct drive, geared hub and crank drive.
Leave the direct drives alone, they are high power and heavy, not suitable for road legal use in the UK.
Geared hub and crank drive motors are very similar, they have internal clutch and gearbox so that the motor's torque can be multiplied by the gearbox and the drag when pedaling without power eliminated.
- two types of pedal sensors: torque sensor and cadence sensor.
The torque sensor measures your pedaling effort and multiplies it by the assist level. The cadence sensor is much simpler, it simply works out if you pedal or not and to a degree, how fast you pedal.
Torque sensor simplifies the electronic control and thus the wiring. You don't have to fit brake sensors like you would with the cadence sensor because everyone will instinctively reduce their pedaling when slowing down or braking.

Budget: around £500-£700.

Take a look at some of my kits:
torque sensor, hub motor: http://wooshbikes.co.uk/?tskit
torque sensor, CD motor: http://wooshbikes.co.uk/?cdkit#tsdz2
cadence sensor, hub motor: http://wooshbikes.co.uk/?hubkits
cadence sensor, CD motor: http://wooshbikes.co.uk/?cdkit


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Jun 12, 2019
I'll post some real pics in the conversion section after i've read up abit heres a stock image of the right one.30823. Since I have a 29" wheel mountain bike with hydraulic brakes I'm thinking the TSDZ2 is my best best. I do have a full motorcycle license so I need to read up on getting a more powerful version and registering it as an electric moped and seeing how much FAFF that is.

Store bookmarked btw

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Jun 7, 2018
Have fun with whatever you decide