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Dec 15, 2018
I brought off eBay a wheelchair tractor. It is brilliant but.. The range is less than needed and as this bit of kit turns a wheelchair into a powered trike I thought a second battery would double its range. The problem is sourcing the same. It has the number HH36-9M on it. Is there anybody i could contact to solve the issue. Alternately would anyone suggest getting a new battery, a carrier for the same and a matching case to transfer the cells from the current case into to achieve the same ends?
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Aug 12, 2014
Hi, contact Jimmy at

He will be able to recell your current battery and maybe make you a new one.

Send him pictures of current battery and volts / amps details.

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Aug 7, 2014
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Show us a pic of your current battery as then we can try and give you some suggestions or supply a link for us to view the kit.

I'm purely guessing here but assume HH36 -9M is a Hailong 36v 9ah battery ?
If so then Hailong's are a commonly used case and you can use any 36v ah/capacity rated battery so do not have to stay with a lowly 9ah. Ah/wh is just a capacity rating and a higher rated battery will work giving extra range.
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Jun 12, 2011
It's almost certain that you can use any 36v capable of delivering 20 amps as long as you can find a way to attach and connect it. (Jimmy) can take out whatever is in your battery and reload it with lithium cells for around £250, depending on what characteristics you want from it (life, weight, power, capacity). You can call him to discuss options. he provides a pickup and return service, so the whole thing takes about a week or less.