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May 23, 2015
After tonight's rebound jumping HIIT class, I have had a sudden realization that I'm old and physically burnt out. In reality I'm just 52, but trying to keep pace with others that are probably only in their mid twenties really took it out of me tonight, and I had to stop a few times to catch my breath. :( Being a very competitive person, it isn't a nice realization to have. If only we could wind the clock back. :(

On the plus side though, it is still brilliant fun and I can't get enough of it. :)


4 a day and rest Sunday ;)


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Nov 26, 2016
Don't regret buying mine at all. Used it for first 6 months now grand kids love it. Indoor climbing frame, they use each other as counter balance weights. Good for their physics and physiques.. Think I ll fit a couple of kids swing seats and re market it. ... Grandma reckons they will get fingers trapped... Only once I tell her. Little feckers.
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Apr 1, 2020
To maintain my fitness level during the winter I’m contemplating buying a Home Multi Gym, preferably no more than £250.

With COPD it’s a struggle for me to go out on the ebike when the temperature is below 10 degrees even wearing a balaclava/mask.

Has anyone had experience of buying/using a Home Gym.

We have a small treadmill and my road bike is attached to a Turbo Trainer so the lower body will get a workout, but need to concentrate on upper body.

After a brief search on t’internet this one has some reasonable reviews…


Any thoughts please.
Wow, you know that this is a good idea to take care of yourself. However I believe that not only intensive trainings can help since there are a lot of things that can affect on our body. So I remember when I did a lot of workouts, I saw that it's not enough to be stronger as I want (like my actions can't get the expected result). So I decided to look on this from another point of view. Turns out that not only workouts but also consumable products affect on us. First product that I found on the web (alphawolfnutrition.com) was nitrosigine that helps with pre-workout benefits. It gives energy and stamina so it's worth to try it.
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Apr 10, 2020
Fitness is very important in life and cycling is also very good exercise and I started to exercise a few days ago before that my routine is not good I was just eating and sleeping near the heater in winter. I changed my routine because that made me fat and more sleepy.


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Nov 21, 2020
Also having a home gym saves a lot of money I would say. When I chose a spin bicycle, I opted for a belt-driven system. No maintenance, no sounds. How do you actually choose a spin bike? And the treadmill, I opted for a motorized one. The best treadmills on the market today are motorized, I chose the only F80. It is so cool, that I can actually to synchronize my data on the treadmill with my smartwatch. Have you ever heard of this? To train my other muscles, I do push-ups, knee bends. I chose carefully
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