How much to make an Indian electric bike?


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Oct 1, 2007
as great as it would be i cant see no way the car giants are going to let a car come here that cheaply as there would i think be many going for them as second cars, or to save some the dreaded hire purchase, or cheap first cars, would knock a few bike sales too as for the same money a car or a bike ???.. im guessing, as i dont drive, that the more expensive cars wouldnt get a full set of tyres for the cost of this car...and wouldnt it put to shame the car makers cgargeing 20/30/40k for a car...i for one a, all for it..even if i dont drive :)


Oct 25, 2006
Someone mentioned these in the main forum Grandad. It appears to be a rip-off of the Mitsubishi i car, also just over 600 cc and rear engined, the Tata just shortened a bit for cheapness possibly.

I tried to get an i car, but the 500 allocated to the UK were snapped up instantly. They intend the electric version for 2008/9, but say it depends on the Li-ion batteries. Haven't we heard that before somewhere? :D
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