How to turn bike off


Finding my (electric) wheels
Aug 2, 2020
Charged the battery and connected old controller with the new throttle I ordered and its running fine think 35amp controller pushed the battery out of balance and low think charging sorted it out happy bunny now lol
Only issue I'm having is the throttle I ordered is a 5 wire throttle and there is one wire spare on my controller green colour wire. Throttle has key but stays on so after I'm done riding the bike I have to disconnect the battery in order to turn it off I thought the key was switch to turn it on and off but obviously its not. Means having to take battery out of the bag and disconnect it and as I only have a normal screw in connector on it its not ideal disconnecting it and connecting over and over again as it let's of a spark each time you connect it so might end up nackering my battery is there anyway I can turn it off without disconnecting the battery