Kalkhoff Integrale i8 Seatpost Clamp


Apr 17, 2012
While the Impulse EVO RS motor is very good to use but has a bad rep for longevity, I just had a three and half year old 5000+ miles motor replaced for free by Kalkhoff, just labour charges at my LBS. Their customer service (only via dealers and a few days) is excellent.

Anyway, noticed a split seatpost clamp (31.6) which is one of those weird wedge shaped (probably Kalkhoff only) things. Anyone have any knowledge of spare parts for this. The way it's designed, I reckon the split has no effect of the tension, so can be used, but still needs a replacement, allows dust and water into the tube.

Derby and Kalkhoff websites are the worst piece of crap I've seen in a long time, 50cycles don't list enough or perhaps stock these parts and I get nothing from the usual interweb searches.