Kalkhoff Tasman, failed again!


Jul 8, 2014
Hi all,

I bought a Kalkhoff Tasman 8 from 50 Cycles in June 2014.

In July 2016, the motor failed completely and 50 Cycles replaced it under warranty.

I've now got another problem which could also be the motor or it its electronics.

The walk assist function works but the start assist (where the motor gives a boost just as you start pedalling from a standstill doesn't. Also when riding, the motor appears to start and stop. I did contact 50 Cycles a few months ago saying that I felt the bike wasn't giving the same level of assistance as it had previously and wondering whether it was a battery problem. They convinced me the battery was ok, even though it had lost a bit of capacity. And that the assistance issue might have been my improved fitness.

I had noticed the difference since last July I had hired a Haibike e-MTBwhile on holiday in Austria. I know they're totally different bikes but my Kalkhoff had felt lifeless by comparison.

I'm in the position that if it is the motor it probably won't be cost effective to repair the bike but it seems a shame to scrap it.

Anyone got any views?

Kind regards


Ps I've asked 50 Cycles for their views but the bike is no w way out if warranty.