Kalkoff Pro Connect questions


Aug 17, 2008
i purchased a new pro connect approx 6-7 years ago. Just then we made a move and the bike was packed up and put in storage until our new house was completed. My question is:

1. How do I determine if the battery is still good, ie : will hold a charge and charge up to its full value. The bike uses a Panasonic motor
2. Is there ANY way I can modify the bike, so that I can use the throttle to propel the bike at a decent speed while NOT pedaling? This is not illegal where we live (US)
3. Any suggestions as to maintenance it might need now? I know the bike is a little ancient now compared to new bikes, but I paid so much back then


Finding my (electric) wheels
Jan 9, 2013
Hi, I've got a similarly aged pro-connect that is still doing sterling service. I knew my batteries needed replacement primarily because the range was significantly down on what others on the forum were telling me they getting. A replacement battery sorted that. I'm not sure charge time/battery display are particularly useful in assessing battery health.
There are some real panasonic experts on here who I'm sure will be along soon. AFAIK the sealed design of the motor makes any modification to throttle based pretty much impossible (on the other hand it makes the motor super robust)
My pro connect has done 1000s miles on basic servicing, occasional light chain lube, brake block change. Its a great machine, to be honest if I hit problems I'd try and find a replacement motor rather than change the bike, its that good!