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Finding my (electric) wheels
Sep 3, 2016
Hi, does anyone have any experience with KTM bikes? Ive been looking and trying lots of e bikes recently and just came across a local KTM supplier so hoping to test one soon. Thanks


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Jul 7, 2013
Crowborough, East Sussex
I certainly have no regrets buying mine.

The build quality is superb, and both bikes that I own, full suspension and hardtail, get used throughout the whole year in some pretty torturous conditions, and other than regular maintenance, have required nothing.

The only changes that I have made over my period of ownership, have been tyres and the addition of a front neo guard. Both of which are purely a personal choice. I can only assume that because the company have a proven track record of world level mtb racing, that design aspects have filtered down the development line, so making the bikes feel right, straight of the box.

I can only suggest that as you have a dealer local to you, that the best thing to do is to pop along and try some out. :)
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