KUDOS TOURER, only 260 miles, almost new *** £330 (negotiable), RRP was £895 *** London UK


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Jul 22, 2018
Apologies for posting again, could not edit or delete the previous post and title.

Hi everyone,

I've got a Kudos Tourer Deore-9 up for grabs, in perfect condition, it has literally done 14 commutes or 263.2 miles to be precise (LCD display still has the protective foil on it). After reading great reviews I purchased this bike to commute to work, but quickly realised I really don't feel safe cycling in central London so it’s now sitting under a blanket collecting dust. It’s a great bike with a quality kit on it, good fun to ride but I just never use it so seems pointless to keep it. The battery should hold most of it's original capacity, as it's been charged only a handful of times and stored at circa 60% charge.

There is a couple of reviews on this forum by users who owned this bike so I won't go into too much detail, but below is a link to manufacturer's website if you're looking for some numbers. The bike has integrated LED lights (front and rear) fed from the battery which is a nice touch, also LCD display is backlit for cycling at night. The rear wheel has an integrated lock system if you’d like to quickly pop out to a shop without properly locking the bike. There’s also pannier rack at the back for your bags. All original spec as delivered from the shop, see below link.


Any cons? I dropped the battery once when pulling it out for charging and a plastic seal near the handle cracked, so I have fixed it with a gorilla tape - see photo below. Apart from being less visually appealing, this has not affected the battery at all as it holds up well as if it never happened. Also on rainy days the LCD display can get slightly 'foggy', but it goes away pretty quickly.

The bike comes with all the gear as sold by the manufacturer, including charger, box of manuals etc. No outer box I'm afraid, it was too big to keep it. Smoke free, pet free, kept in a garage.

How much you ask? I got it for £895 but will sell for pennies on a dollar price: £330 (negotiable - reasonable offers only)

Buyer to collect from central London (London Bridge) or North London (postcode N7).



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