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Aug 3, 2020
as an older rider with asthma and issues with my feet (plantar fasciitis). I've been wanting an ebike for a wee while now. My previous bike was a Giant Boulder alulite, which served me 12 years, great little bike, yet getting uphill was beginning to be a problem for me as I cycle to work in hilly Edinburgh. After a bit of research i opted for a Decathlon Riverside e500. Price and build seemed about right, and after 80 odd miles testing I can say I made a pretty good choice. The 700c wheels are ideal for road and trail, and the battery is fantastic. Uphill is easy with a little foot work in "granny gear"! Switching to an ebike has been life-changing for me, when I was younger I cycled everywhere, I loved the freedom and speed I could navigate the city compared to cars, and I would cycle at weekends along the canal and countryside around Edinburgh. I really missed that freedom... But I'm glad to say that I can now cycle at distance again, hills are no longer a problem and my feet are getting better due to my arch muscles being exercised far more efficiently than the exercises recommended to me by the nurse at my local health practice.

Hopefully through this forum, I can share my experiences and gain knowledge, hints and tips. Thanks for letting my join!


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Aug 7, 2014
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And a very good welcome to thee.
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