Help! Metal flat platform non-folding pedals foe ADO A20?


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Aug 14, 2021
ADO A20 seems to come with non-metal folding pedals, couple reviewers showed that they had a fair bit of play in them. I'm heavy enough to have my own satellites, so would like to swap right away once bike arrives for a non-folding metal pair. Haven't been into bikes for years, I'm gathering there are a couple different types of spindles in bikes today? Any idea what I'm looking for in ADO A20 pedals?


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Jun 12, 2011
There are two sizes of the threads on pedals. Most common is 9/16" x 20tpi. Some bikes have 1/2" x 20tpi. To be sure what you'll have, you'll have to wait until the bike arrives unless someone on the forum has one and can tell you what it is.

There are loads of every type of pedaal on Ebay. I normally go for lightest weight. There are also leads of decent folding ones. Folding pedals are best if you have to park the bike somewhere where you keep walking past. They reduce the width of the bike by half and if you put the handlebars down as well, the bike is very flat. I sometimes put folding pedals and quick release stem clamps on normal bikes when they have to be kept where space is limited.
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