Moustache Samedi 27 Weekend FS Dual EQ

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Jun 10, 2021

I am new to this forum as I have just purchased a Moustache Bike - the Samedi 27 Weekend FS Dual EQ.

As I received the bike (it was delivered) I was super excited. The bike is just amazingly GORGEOUS! It look very well finished, strong, ultra robust, modern, and even had an electronic pad that has so many functionality including GPS, is tactile, etc.

I went for my first ride yesterday.

The bike is very comfortable, it is really an all terrain and the full suspension does make a massive difference, it absorb shocks very well.
On tarmac, gravel, grass, forest paths, amazing!

But sadly I got 2 massive disappointments:
1/ The strength of the assistance/ motor, particularly in steep climbs. After renting a bike from another brand (cube) from a rental store (my only comparison) a few weeks ago, I was very indeed disappointed with my purchase. Despite being in Turbo mode, I felt almost that there was no assistance or nearly nothing. Forget about being on a steep climb in any lower mode (Eco, Tour or EMTB). The bike is robust but as a result also really heavy and the motor seems to struggle to push the bike and the rider on steep climb.
As I said, my comparison is a Cube bike which I rented a few weeks ago. The CUBE bike would have cost me a third of the Moustache bike. Climbing a steep climb with the CUBE bike was like being on a flat surface.

2/ My second disappointment was on changing the gears, up or down. I know we all have different cycling styles but I found that the change of gears was very noisy and each time I was wondering if there was something wrong with the chain. Like a massive cracking noise. I was told that it is because I should release the pressure on the pedals when changing the gears but I don’t find it convenient when you are pushing to go up… I have been cycling (non e-Bikes) for many years and never had that problem…

I gave this feedback to my reseller who immediately suggested I send them the bike back to be checked. They told me that this is one of the best e-Bike on the market with the Bosh CX Performance motor which is considered THE best e-Bike motor. They will test the bike tomorrow. They were astonished I would be disappointed with this dream machine.

MY QUESTIONS: being a bit lost (and sad - I really like the bike) I am wondering if anyone has had similar experiences with this bike. If so, I would really like to hear from them, from other owners.

I have read a lot of reviews before buying this bike and they were all amazing.

I would like to use the bike in the French Alps for long rides but if it is such a bad climber, I probably made a mistake.

I want to stress that this bike is probably the most beautiful bike I have ever seen/ owned. It looks strong, it is extremely beautiful, it has great accessories, the suspension is amazing, the mudguard are in strong metal, etc..! On flat terrain and descents, it is pure bliss to ride on any sort of terrain. One more thing, the battery life is a massive plus - after 35 miles I had only spent a bit more than 20% of the capacity. But on the climbs… my experience was terrible

Hopefully my message won’t have lost to many readers. I really really (really!) would appreciate honest and constructive feedback, hearing from owners experience and perhaps getting some tips?

Thanks a lot!


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May 23, 2015
the problem is, it is 29kg stock so 5kg more heavy than my fs haibke at 24kg and 2.2kg of that is for down hill tyres.

you dont want to go much more heavy than that but it is £7300 id get a cube fook that!
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Jun 6, 2020
The weight of the bike is a fraction of the weight of the rider. My bosch motor can get me up the steepest hills round here just fine (some work required) so I wonder what the gearing on this samedi is? Maybe needs a smaller chain ring on the front, or larger cogs on the back.. Ok, top speed impacted, but I'd rather get up the hill.
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Finding my (electric) wheels
Oct 28, 2019
Any update from your reseller after they checked the bike?

Did the Cube bike you hired all have the Bosch CX performance line motor? The reason that I ask is that the wide variety of different e-bikes perform slightly differently and you'll see from the many threads here that what suits one rider may not be preferred by another. Do you prefer to climb with low cadence (60 or less) or are you happier spinning above 90? If you prefer really low cadence, the mid motor may not be ideal to give you the type/level of assist you're looking for.

I've tried a few different types of e-bikes and have been surprised by how different they each can feel. Some people prefer the more subtle assist that some e-bikes provide whereas others really like the less subtle surge that other ones offer. I fitted one of the Woosh rear hub conversion with throttle to my wife's bike about a year ago which she loves as it seems to provide a good mix of both on our 30mile rides. She still has a big grin as she cruises past me on my unassisted bike on hills!

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