Need help


Finding my (electric) wheels
Aug 2, 2020
Hi I'm from the dewsbury area Wf133ax
Just wondering if someone can come and sort my bike out for me the amount of time Ive spent onit is beyond a joke and no luck in getting it running. Got 3 different controllers 2 lcds but no luck on either one. Or if anyone has a 1000w controller I can buy can't seem to find any on ebay UK based all are from China can't wait that long. The controller currently on the bike just cuts out think my battery is 30a and controller is 35amp that's why. Other one is 1000w but has 6 wires for throttle lost the one that came with it ordered another but didn't work then ordered a 3 wire throttle but no look. Then last I decided to wire up a 350w controller with a lcd but even that I was unable to get it working. Just want bike up and running for few rides before summer ends. Willing to make it worthwhile for someone who can come and fix it for me thanks

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