New Highway code guides for Cycles and other vunerable users under consultation.


Esteemed Pedelecer
Aug 7, 2014
West Sx RH
This morning when the announcement/reminder was made of the £50 voucher scheme was due to start tonight at 23.45hrs, I remember something being said about consolation on a new raft of Highway codes changes/wording to hopefully make it easier and safer for vulnerable users Pedestrians, horse riders, cyclists & motorcycles etc to use the roads. However with the mindset of Motons, already who some are against cycles or any one that holds them up for a precious 5 - 10 seconds I wonder if they will be of any an benefit to the vulnerable.

Generally motor vehicle users are to give way more to vulnerable users using the road, approaching/using junctions of all kinds, pedestrian road crossings and cyclists/motorcycles taking prime road position for junctions or roundabouts.

  • One of the suggestions is Hierarchy where the larger user bares more responsibility over more vulnerable users ie; pedestrians, horse riders, cyclists and motor cycles having the right of way over other motor vehicles.
  • This means giving horses/cyclists/motorcycles right of way on roundabouts and not overtaking them doing so.
  • Giving Cyclists etc right of way to take prime road position at junctions or where lanes filter.
  • Cyclists and horse riders give way to vulnerable users ie; junctions or uncontrolled road crossings or a cyclist giving way when turning in to a side road.
  • Shared used tracks cyclists should give way to pedestrains.
The amendments are many and the above is just a gist of the rewording /changes to try and benefit vulnerable users.