Newbie asking for help for diy conversion


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Mar 19, 2019
Hi there!
I am into bikes for a long time but an aspiring newbie at e bikes.
I want to convert my trekking bike to an E-Bike with a mid crank torque sensing motor.
I usually do moderately long rides (30-80 km) on asphalt roads but on a hilly landscape.
I want to expand the range of my rides. I still want to put considerable effort so will not be using the motor at high levels of assist for long time.
I picked the following combo:
TSDZ2 48v 750w 18a - VLDC 5 &
Hailong E-Bike Battery 48V 17Ah Lithium ion Battery with 30A BMS

Would anyone mind helping me with the following?
1. Is the above a good combo? Will there be any compatibility issues with motor and battery?
2. Are all cables for connecting the motor to the battery included? Will I need to solder any special sockets to the end of the cables in order to make the system work or is it plug-n-play?
3. What range should I expect (approximately) with that battery? (100 kgr total weight with battery and motor, motor in 2nd level “tour” mode, level road, no wind)
4. I consider buying a double chainring for the motor, attach one more sprocket (triple chainring) and put it to work with my existing triple middle derailer. Do you see any problem with that?
5. How long does it take for an almost empty battery to fully charge?

Please do not mind my so many questions. Looking forward for your reply and I thank you in advance for it.

George from Greece


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Jun 12, 2011
1. Yes
2. You'll have to do something with the battery connector, either solder the wires or solder on one or two conectors.
3. 40 to 80 miles depending on how hard you pedal.
4. Don't bother. You won't need it with a 750W motor.
5. Normally 5 or 6 hours, but it depends on the charger. You have 17Ah, so divide it by however many amps the charger gives. 2 amp charger will take 8.5 hrs. 4 amp charger will take a bit more than 4 hours.


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Feb 2, 2008
From what i've read, 'mid crank torque sensing motors' often require a frame with a suitable bottom bracket. Make sure the motor you select is compatible with your existing frame, otherwise you might as well go for a rear hub or "easy convert" front hub motor.

Have you checked to see if your bottom bracket is removable. Mine was knobled last summer, forcing me to buy a new frame and do a complete rebuild of my ebike.