Help! Ortler control via Bafang go app


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Oct 15, 2020
I’ve bought an Ortler speeder, it has a similar set up to the ebikemotion system, 250wh concealed down tube battery, rear hub motor, both Bafang in this case. However there’s no bar mounted display unit, the lights, motor assist levels are only changeable via the bafang go app from the Apple / android store. There’s an on / off button on the head tube, but that’s all it does, switches the motor on to whatever level it was using last time.

I got the app to connect initially when my phones Bluetooth found the bike, since then despite numerous attempts, it’s not connected.

Now the question is, can I replace the app control feature with a mounted display in anyway?

Bike seems good value at under 1300 from the German outfit at Bikester



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Aug 7, 2014
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A display likely no, one would probably have to replace the controller and buy a paired lcd. The app is likely a function of the battery BMS but can be 100% sure.
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