Oxygen eMate MTB


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Jun 24, 2015
Since I bought my Ortler, the Oxygen has sat unused in the garage. I've come to the conclusion that it's best I sell it. It's a very accomplished bike and I may come to regret selling, but I need to fund a battery purchase & funds are tight!

  • 27-gear with decent componentry
  • Un-restricted - quite a fast machine
  • 13Ah battery - although it's getting on for 3 years old, it still gets me 35-40 miles at an illegal average speed
  • Very good hydraulic disc brakes with newish pads
The specs have gone from the Oxygen site, but it's comparable with the current MTB they sell, except that the battery isn't flush-fitting.

If you read the looong review thread, I've had some issues - since ironed out:
  • The Das-Kit battery set up was flawed. The female connectors kept withdrawing into the housing, meaning connection was broken. It was 'fixed', but kept recurring. In the end, I just wired it up with Tamiya connectors and it's been flawless since
  • On the subject of the battery, I can't find the keys at present. I'll keep looking, but assume no keys
  • The odometer keeps resetting to zero. It's only done 300 miles though. Actually, I'm not sure how many miles it's covered, but it's between 3-5,000 miles
Good points:
  • The rear hub motor has just been serviced by Woosh and the nylon gears replaced
  • It had a full mechanical service this summer with a new cassette, derailleur & chain & has done c.500 miles since
  • A very nice Tortek rack is fitted. I have a rack bag compatible with the mounting system I'll sell separately
The stem is non-standard to bring the bars closer to suit my riding style. It also has a Suntour NCX seatpost (65 quid). If I get the asking price, I'll leave that on, if you want to haggle hard, I won't. The same applies to the dynamo hub front wheel (75 quid) and very bright Busch & Muller headlight (45 quid).

I'd like 600 Quid for it as it is. Given the extras, I think that's a fair price, but you may have other ideas. Spend 300 quid on a recell from Jimmy at BGA and you'll have an excellent machine. Don't spend that and you'll still have a machine that does 30-40 miles on a charge in Eco mode, level 6 at 17MPH average speed & I am 85Kg.

It's a devil to pack up, so collection only from Warwick; 5 mins from the M40, 2 mins from the A46. If I get time, I'll take some photos later today.