Patrick William


Finding my (electric) wheels
Sep 23, 2018
That’s my name
I like my bikes and now my e bikes. But of electric I know little. A pedagog and a student. I like to listen, learn and relay. Tsdz2 , M01, M05, Truckrun and Bosch CX, an interest in programming and electronics is where its leading me and the gap in my knowledge is vast. Please help me and I’ll try to help you. An exchange of ideas in my grail.


Esteemed Pedelecer
May 23, 2015
bosch is a locked system each part uses a can bus system to communicate with the batts and displays and chargers ect.

you cant even check the voltage of a battery pack as it will not turn on unless in is connected to a compatible bosch motor and display.

bosch is like apple they will not sell you the internal components esp the controller boards!

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