Powabyke ''tank''


Oct 8, 2011
A chap at work as just bought a used Powabyke,its built like a tank and seems like it will last for years,he reckons it will climb any hill in Shrewsbury with no effort at all,are these bikes as strong as they look,they do seem to have been around for ages so perhaps there is some truth in what he is saying.


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Oct 19, 2009
I was very happy with mine, but for one thing - the weight of the brute! It climbed evertything I pointed it at (Red Lane, for Warringtonians). I sold it when I (mistakenly) thought I had regained perfect health. A year or so ago I/we fell for the charms of a couple of classic Dutch bikes (thanks, Bob) and are again toddling about on two wheels.


Oct 25, 2006
Yes, their tenth anniversary was in 2009 but followed shortly after by going into administration. They were rescued and resumed business.

The bikes were designed for climbing rather than speed, but they've gone the way of the rest now with the X bikes, light with small batteries.

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Feb 17, 2011
With their cheap to replace SLA batteries, solid steel frames and sturdy accessories, my gut feeling is that these old powabykes will be around for a long time. What I find amazing is the number of cheap and neglected ones on ebay, they were not cheap and yet some seem to have been left out in the rain to rust away. Strangely, they all seem to be for sale by people who are 'selling it for a friend' and claim not to know anything at all about e-bikes!


Oct 25, 2006
Strangely, they all seem to be for sale by people who are 'selling it for a friend' and claim not to know anything at all about e-bikes!
Because of their staid style these often sold to the elderly retired. It follows that with the rapidly declining fitness that can occur in old age and the great weight of the bikes, they often fell out of use quite quickly. Then they could be left under a tarpaulin or left in a garage that was ill-maintained and leaky for the same reasons of declining health, finally being sold off by relatives after death.

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I met a guy in Shrewsbury (Atcham), who was towing a home made trailer with a bike that used the motor-wheel from one. In the trailer was all his tools plus at least two car batteries, which powered it. I couldn't lift the trailer. I wish I had taken some photos now. I think it was his main means of transport. I reckon that the motors are rather under-stressed and might make a good basis for a decent home-build with a more powerful controller and a twelve cell pack of lipos.


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Aug 19, 2011
I have two of these with 24 & 26 wheels I used the 24" model for 14 months before buying an Alien aurora. I intend keeping it as its a good plodder and not bad to ride even though I am 6' 3", far nicer than the 26" wheel model although the bigger bike motor is quieter and seems more powerful they are both 200 w. Worth more to me than the paltry sum you can get for them, I going to use the 26" bike parts to convert a hybrid bike to electric.
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