Powacycle Salisbury Reviews


Apr 28, 2009
Reviewer: Abs_N

Purchased From: E-Bikes Direct

Purchase Price: £570

Time Owned: 6 Months

Miles covered: 500+

Local Terrain: Some Minor Hills

Looks like a normal bike and is ok to ride without power.
The bike is equiped with a pannier rack,mudgards and chainguard and is easy to setup when you recieve it through the post.
The motor is very quiet and it is smooth.
The battery compartment is quite a good design and can be locked in so that it does not move when riding the bike.
The shimano gears are easy to use and the bike is easy to ride.


The bike is quite heavy compared to a normal bike (but is about average weight for an electric bike) but it is just a case of getting used to it.

The brakes are ok to start with but when they wear a bit they get worse and become really noisey. I got the front one changed (avid single digit 5) and they are much better now. I suppose it also helps to setup the bike correctly I had the handlebars wrong way round for about a month :eek:

The standard tyres are ok but they are not puncture resistant, I got a couple of punctures and then changed the tyres.

The pedals supplied are ok for dry weather but when it rains they are not so good and get real slippery.

I changed these to cage pedals which are really good.

The motor is good for flat terrain but just not suitable for most hills.


For someone who wants to commute to work and has a short journey I would definately recommend this bike with some upgrades.

I changed the tyres, brakes (single digit avid 5) and pedals.

After doing these upgrades the bike is a real joy to ride to work, the ride is real smooth with the new tyres and the pedals do not slip at all and the brakes work!.

Overall I think the bike is decent buy as a first time ebike.
The Salisbury does have an underpowered motor but for my purposes it
is ok and does the job. I would say the ride on this bike is like driving an automatic car.


Overall Rating (out of 10) : 7


Finding my (electric) wheels
Jun 23, 2011
Reviewer: Mishabgt

Purchased from: as new from a previous owner

Miles covered: to date about 80

Time owned: 2 weeks


Overview: as the previous review says this bike looks like a normal bike apart from being about 10cm longer. I don't get strange looks or comments from other cyclists about 'cheating' because a lot of them don't even notice I'm on an ebike. It was bought from a friend of the family who bought it when he lost his driving licence on health grounds but then found he was too afraid of the traffic to use the bike.

Front suspension isn't brilliant (but then I'm comparing it to my four-figure hardtail mbx.

Commuting to work is a breeze and I miss the bike on the days I have to use my car.

The bike cruises beautifully on throttle and the Pedelec mode is like having someone push you while pedalling. My ride to work takes the same time as my drive in the car, but I arrive at work and home far more refreshed and relaxed on the bike.

Pros: electric assist, suspension saddle, throttle mode

Cons: the rear wheel spindle is a slightly bigger diameter than a standard bike meaning my bike trailer bracket won't fit as the hole is about 2mm to small - bit of grinding/filing to do!