Pro Connect S arrives Fine!


Aug 17, 2008
I received my ProConnect S replacement last week, and just had an opportunity to ride it today. The driveway was being demolished, so it was hard to get it out beofre.

The first ride seemed strange, since whenever I changed the gears, I did not feel much of a change. Then after awhile I decided to look down, and saw that no gears were changing. Evidently the rear derailler cable came off of the rear support, so it wasn't moving, after I re-installed it, it now seems to work, although I will probably have it adjusted by someone who knows what they are doing, not me.

I have only ridden the bike about 2km, but so far so good, since I wasn't able to take it up a hill yet, I do not know how it will perform on our hills here, I will check next week, and get back with a better report