Range anxiety banished


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Nov 8, 2010
For several months I had been suffering from this while riding my favourite routes on my Lanarkshire ebikes Fat Tyre . When it failed after 20 miles on a particular hill near my home I resolved to do something about it, as I need 25-27 miles . The present Silver Fish Battery is 36V 10Ah so I looked at the Ebay offerings of 15Ah, wary of reports of Batteries with poor cells . I went for a named Manufacturer , in this case Yose . I had done my homework regarding dimensions and polarity and was pleased when it slotted into position without using any of the fittings supplied .
This new Battery has covered my normal test routes with power to spare so I thought I would see how far it could go riding further afield, outside my area .
Before this I would play safe and utilise my 1982 Suzuki Roadie 50 cc two-stroke Scooter which had just passed it`s MOT and check the approximate mileage on a planned route beforehand . Being ultra cautious I also charged up the older Battery from it`s stored Voltage of 36V to 40v to carry in a Knapsack with me on the ride . Even though it is only 2.5 Kg it feels heavy enough on your back . As the route included a ride through the Town of Cowbridge I took the Bypass down the A48 mindful of the Lithium Batteries on my back and Cars and Pedestrians darting everywhere in that busy place .
I took the small roads across to the Coast before Bridgend and came back on my usual route past Aston Martin with all the Airliners for Parting out on the adjacent St.ATHAN Airfield and on arriving home had covered 33 miles with half my power indicators on my LCD still showing .
I now have a good idea of my useable range , the 40 mile test can wait, as 3 hours in the saddle is enough at my age , especially carrying a spare Battery on my back !
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