Second day, changes already


Finding my (electric) wheels
Mar 29, 2011
After my second ride yesterday on my new Cube hybrid one 400, only ten miles in total I decided that I needed to change the saddle. Digging around in my garage I found my old Brooks saddle. It hadn't been used for at least 5 years, probably more and hadn't been treated over this period. Bi question, was would it need breaking in again
So fitted it, easy actually as it was still on the stem, gritted teeth and off for a 10 mile ride. In my opinion it was like the day I last used it. Oh and fitted a bottle cage.
Also I manage to ride up hills I couldn't manage without stopping 10 years ago. Bearing in mind I'm almost 64, well overweight, 18 and a half stone with arthritic knees.
Definitely made the right decision to get an ebike this could be a new era.