Shelsley Hill climb on my Cube


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Jun 18, 2013
My sister is on holiday in the Malvern hills and I popped over to join her for a few days so we could do a few rides together while her chap was fishing.
She just happened to be stopping in a cottage next to the start line for Shelley Walsh Speed Hill Climb !
It’s legally classified as a footpath, pedestrians only, but as I asked nicely and it was my birthday (60), I got to go up it on my bike !! (Cube acid one with the ALP motor) 1000 yards 328ft climb in 3 minuet 50 seconds, (the track record is 21 seconds but that’s in a purpose built car)
I did turn my asthmatic lungs inside out in the process o_O and my arthritic knees are still sore 3 days later but it was one of those Rare opportunities and I’d have regretted not doing.

Also blagged complimentary tickets for Saturdays racing :cool:

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