Slime With Tubeless Tyres - Any Good ?


Apr 22, 2017
I just picked up my second flat off road on my rear tyre, both flats were recent and the tyres have done 1,000 miles.

My original fit tyres are Schwalbe Active guard which are only rated for average puncture protection.The tyres are probably worn enough to replace, especially the rear. My inclination is to get Schwalbe Marathon / Marathon Plus .

My dealer is a 'tubeless and slime 'evangelist and my rims are compatible, apparently. Can anyone give me some reports on this combination? I'm heavy so I run both tyres at 85-90 PSI.


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Jun 8, 2018
I've never run tubeless so the tradoffs are different, so this is with tubes .... My experience with Slime was bad; got a puncture pretty soon, and the inner was not repairable because it was covered in slime. My experiences with Marathon Plus (without Slime) and punctures is extremely good; the riding characteristics are not quite as good as I would like but for me the tradeoff has been worth it.


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May 1, 2019
I run tubeless on my road bikes, MTB and I'm just about to change my eMTB over to tubeless. A lot less hassle when set up and you can run them at lower pressures as there is no risk of pinch flats. The sealant (rather than slime) seals smaller punctures on the go. If you get a puncture that is too big to be filled by the latex sealant then you can always put a tube in to get you home. Downsides are that messing with sealant can be messy until you get some practice in, you need a lot of pressure to seat a tubeless tyre so you either need an air compressor, a pump with a reservoir to deliver a lot of air quickly or simply get your bike shop to do it. Tubeless tyres can also be tricky to get on the rim itself (though that is improving).

I run Marathon Supreme Tubeless easy on my steel tourer (non electric) and they have performed admirably. Just get the bike shop to set up - much less hassle. They can advise on how much lower you can run your pressure (My tourer runs at 50 psi - I'm 95 kilos plus the bike which must be about 15 kilos)
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Oct 8, 2017
I have the Swalbe Marathon Plus MTB tyres but it doesn't mention anything about being tubeless or tubeless ready on them.


Apr 22, 2017
Interesting feedback, I wasn't aware that you needed special tyres, thanks to all.