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Apr 25, 2017
South Essex
Hi all,

I’ve not been on here for a while, but thought I’d see how people are resolving the conundrum of transporting a small dog on their bike.

We bought a Motorhome earlier this year and used it quite a lot. It has a bike rack that can cope with the weight of our bikes (minus batteries), the next part of the puzzle is how we take our small dog with us (pictured)

When he was a pup we tried a front basket, which was a disaster, he tried to jump out, but because his lead was tied he got caught in the spokes, luckily he was ok, but needless to say he hates bikes. We then tried the rear trailer arrangement and he is not happy in their either and i’m Not a particular fan of that arrangement on tight country roads. So we are currently considering the buddy rider but it’s not cheap, so I’m just checking what other options there are out there?

I’ve added an updated picture of my bike conversion in case anyone is interested


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Jun 8, 2018
We tried a trailer with our (medium to big) dog and it was NOT a success. However, the dog was already quite old when we tried and certainly didn't like that new trick.

The most successful I have seen was a sidecar. It was completely obvious that the dog loved it. That too was a bigger dog.
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Feb 22, 2017
Chandler's Ford
Motorhomed with dogs & cycles for 20 years.

Started just with dog running alongside. Restrictive on speed & distance.

Next was a 2 wheel trailer. Had to disconnect at locked gates & stiles.

Next was the WalkyDog Great for busy areas but again restrictive on distance.

Next was a single wheel trailer
A brilliant multi use trailer. I put a plywood base on it and could fix various containers on it. Plastic storage box to go shopping. Dog carrier to get to suitable walkies spot. One bolt fixing using a wing nut meant quick disconnection at stiles etc. It has 2 suspension blocks so unlike the 2 wheeler the eggs were intact when I got back to the van.

No longer motorhoming but Luna, a working cocker spaniel, is chauffeured to parks & woods in a Dutch style cargo trike with a front ramp.

If the buddy rider had been around I would have got one. Expensive? Not when you look at the cost of motorhoming. :rolleyes:

Steve Bowles

Mar 23, 2018
St Leonards, England
We bought a highly-recommended £450 dog trailer which our golden retriever won't go anywhere near. If anyone has a dog that likes being pulled by an electric bike, please let me know. Dog trailer for sale.