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I think it was nearly three years ago that the Substar guy told me that he was working on a 36v version of the S03. Now they have this new kit with wireless control panel. Although very convenient. I've got a feeling that wireless is an unnecessary risk to save one wire. I hope it works - reliably.


Oct 25, 2006
That is a pity. We always needed a real bit of power increase in their crank drive kits, but I'd have preferred it without the wireless gimmick. Still, if it's reliable it could be a good addition and it's certainly an interesting upgrade version.


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May 15, 2011
the kit is beautifully designed but it's a bit too little, too late. The basic specs show 55NM torque while the trend is 80NM Yamaha, the idea of a combined torque sensor, crank angle sensor and PAS makes sense, you can log data directly to a USB stick and have a smart wifi stick by all means, why wireless?