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banbury frank

Jan 13, 2011
Hi Sports direct have bought out another sports supplier and are clearing out stocks

up to 80% off example Slazenger polo shirts £ 3 Sizes up to xxxxl

Slazenger Tipped T Shirt Mens -

Mens Polo Shirts - Mens -

Electric bike £399

other bikes to Convert

They have bikes and walking shoes at GIVE away prices

As we say fill your boots

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Jun 28, 2013
Nah the stuff is just cheap junk.

I have a pair of these I got about a month ago, side by side with my partners decent 6 month old pair from millets and you would pick my ones out as the old dead pair as the underside has flaked/peeled/ruined itself.

Stormlite Remmy Mens Walking Shoes -

You can't really go wrong with the t-shirts I guess but footwear or anything that might need a smidge of lasting power avoid.


Apr 19, 2011
North London
Shop with great care in Sports Direct, I saw the following on another forum:-

Purchased a pair of running trousers in Sports Direct, got home and they are too tight.
Took them back but they have no stock of the next size up.
I asked for a refund.
They said no, that I could only have a credit by way of vouchers. So ok, I will take vouchers and give them as a gift to somebody else to use. Total was £16.99 so I said ok if I give you a further £3.01 can you issue a gift voucher for £20.00? Answer was NOPE!!! SO they wouldn't even allow me to give them MORE money, weirdos!
The assistant was rude, abrupt and generally very unhelpful.
I had a look on the receipt and it states:-

"We are happy to offer an exchange or gift voucher for any unwanted items returned within 28 days of purchase. Items must be returned in their original packaging, in a saleable condition and with receipt".

"Refunds will only be offered in accordance with your statutory rights (which remain unaffected)".

So am I not allowed a refund or what? I tried to look online but its all legal jargon to me, does anybody here know?

Alan Quay

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Dec 4, 2012
I'm no expert, but.....if you buy goods from a shop, then the distance selling regulations don't apply. The distance selling regulations give you a cooling off period, during which you can get a refund.

I would assume therefore that your statutory rights do not give you the right to a refund in this case.

If the items was faulty, or unsuitable for the job intended, then you would be.

As for the vouchers, well that's just the shop assistant being daft. That said, you can't force a shop to sell you something, so if they refuse to sell you extra gift vouchers, that's up to them.

As others have already said, their shops are full of junk and morons. Best avoided.


Apr 11, 2013
NWest Lake District
Great Value Muddy Fox gear at Sports direct at the moment!

As others have already said, their shops are full of junk and morons. Best avoided.
A bit harsh given that the people who work there are on zero hour contracts, can be called on at any time and, if not available, are likely to lose there minimum wage job!
Like any store if you take care you can find some genuine bargains among the dross. At the moment they have a great stock of Muddy Fox clothing at prices that would embarrass Lidl! it may even be moronic to miss out because of an ill informed prejudice!