The tale of a £100 second hand electric bike.


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Nov 7, 2015
Another short week of commuting.....

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the 15th, 16th and 17th of September.

I chose not to ride on Tuesday as heavy rain was forecast.

Wednesday was a 5:00 am alarm call and 10 mile road ride to work to start work at 06:22 am, then a return road ride home at 15:00. From what I can recall Wednesday was mild and traffic in both directions reasonably light.

Thursday was a 06:00 am alarm call and I started work at 07:20. When I pop down stairs I poke my head outside to see the weather and it was decidedly cooler. I wore a long sleeved top and windproof cycle jacket, warm gloves and a my Mr Smiley beanie hat and leggings. The traffic not bad on the way to work. I road home at around 17:00 and there was quite a lot of traffic and impatient drivers wanting to squeeze by. The beauty of shift work is that I do not often ride when the roads are busy. The rear view mirror that came with the bike really helps.

Friday was an 08:22 start time and finish at 16:02. Nippy again but I took my hat off part way there as it was too warm. Again busy impatient traffic on the way home.

On two of these trips rather than go straight home I went via the town centre to pick up something to eat.

So 60 miles ridden, and I oiled the chain. I cannot imagine a better utilitarian electric bike for this task.

I am now within a 150 miles of 3000 miles ridden.


Mar 27, 2016
Great to find this thread and envious of your massive bargain bike. When I first read of the sagging battery voltage when hill climbing, I wondered (since the bike is a good age) whether it had a NMIH battery. Looking at the Oxygen bikes line up, I doubt that now.

Anyway - a great bargain, you lucky b*gger... :)

I hope I get as good service from my Bafang mid drive conversion, but I somehow doubt it - not that it has done anything bad so far.

Those Oxygen Emates are not even expensive - about a thousand quid from Ebikes Direct.

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