Help! Thinking of buying a new Giant Trance E+3 pro for the summer.

Feb 11, 2015
Culloden Moor Inverness
Would be nice for my summer holiday...I already have a normal Trance X5. But I see the 2019 model has a Giant RideControl ONE, remote button fitted. For an uncluttered look according to the blurb. So no visual of speed, power setting or battery condition. You have to link it with a smart phone app to get this info. This rather pisses me off. Anybody know if a Giant screen would fit, perhaps from an earlier model. Seems like a backward step to me. Probably because I am an old git who thinks linking everything to a smarm phone is NOT a SMART move!
OK. Should have scrolled down a bit to another thread with the same subject. In this case positive! I now see leds do the business. And I had no idea that Giant screens were so expensive! Iv'e electrified an old bike for less! Makes crashes a whole lot more fraught indeed. Would I still need a smart phone to mess around with motor settings though?
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Sep 24, 2017
south wales
Yes giant evo will fit.
just took evo ride control off my 2017 Full e+ to fit Ride control ONE.
If you just want speed, distance and time, you could always get a Lezyne gps computer.
Battery state is shown on Ride ONE.
Last time I priced Evo up it was £25 for switch holder, £125 for switches and £300 for screen.
Yes you would still need the Giant Ride App to alter settings.
Feb 11, 2015
Culloden Moor Inverness
Collected the Giant Pro E+3 today! Quick ride on borrowed pedals showed it was the right size for me. Phew, one can never be sure until actually sitting on it! Back home I was able to get the app connected to the point it said 'start your ride' I could hardly tell it that I was waiting for pedals! the shop having only very cheap or VERY expensive ones. Tried the charger on the battery off the bike. It was charged to 60%, this being the fast charge limit according to the manual. When plugged in, a slower charge starts and a green light flashes. Strangely the book only mentions Green Constant..charger not connected. During charging..constant Red. Charging complete..Green constant! Charging issue...Red Flashes. Charged up to 100% OK though. I wonder if the Fast Charge ... 1 hour to a good thing. It would be less stressful to take several hours, no? Good thing that at tippy toe height on the saddle, I can turn pedals a full circle with out pain from my metal knee. All my other bikes needed an inch taken off the cranks but the ones on the Giant/Yamaha motor just don't have enough metal further in to do this.


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May 23, 2015
slower charge will be better long term for the batt ;)

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