VESC Vs kunteng eBike controller


Finding my (electric) wheels
Jul 5, 2020
Lightwater, UK
Hey all,

Appreciate that VESC's are usually in the eBoard domain, but thought it interesting to take a punt on a MakerX 75/100.

Though dead silent. The acceleration is way behind the kunteng's despite following multiple instructions, setting up a thumb controller and understanding the basics.

But for some reason, despite both running 48v and 35 amps, the Kunteng lights up my M365 pro front wheel, to the point you have to back off. The VESC is an amazing unit. But seems seriously muted and even "gentle" even with an aggressive throttle curve, though incidentally, the top speed is (eventually) there!

Has anyone run, or is running a VESC controller with decent acceleration through theirs?