Vintage voltage on quest tv Dplay


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Nov 10, 2014
West Wales
Had they chosen a Triumph or a Norton they wouldn't have had that huge gap in the frame. Enfields were well known for the engine making the bottom of the frame. It wasn't common then - not sure it is now. Used to own a 250 Continental GT, lovely little bike with superb handling, used to out corner my mates on their Bonnies - oh happy irresponsible days !
Couple of weeks ago they did a landrover, must have been around the 60-70 thousand region. Funny they never mention bottom line figure. Still, garage engineering at it's British best and an enjoyable watch. The fabrication skills and implied maths and engineering design are truly admirable. I do wonder about the background hussle of changing the paperwork and the drivers insurance on such one offs must be humungeous. But this is the price early adopters pay, bless 'em, 'cos it gradually clears the field for those with 'normal' money.