Voilamart extension cable accessories / unknown parts


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Aug 24, 2021
I have just finished building the 1000 watt waterproof kit and it goes like a charm.
The controller extension that gathers all the handlebar controls into one cable has two lugs that appear to plug into something to keep the cable tidy on the frame.

There is nothing in the inadequate manual about this !
Any ideas?



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Jun 12, 2011
I lterally threw one of those out today. I held it in my hand for a long time before I decided that I'd never use it, then I chucked it. It's in one of about 8 bin bags that I filled when I cleared out my rat infested shed. You're welcome to come to Telford and get it if you're quick, as the skip is coming on Saturday and will be leaving on Tuesday.

It's a thin bracket about 6" long bent over at the top with a large hole for the stem cap. The main part runs down in front of the steering head with two holes that the lugs clip into. You could easily make one out of thin stailess steel strip about 30mm wide or say 10mm wider than the stem cap. Dremmel out the big hole in the top and drill two holes for the lugs - shouldn't be too difficult. It's just a bracket!
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