Voodoo E Bizango


Nov 27, 2018
I bought this just second hand, I was thinking about a simple rear hub bike, but had heard how much better the Bosch crank drive were, and was wondering if I should just save up a little longer.
There it was, on eBay, just under half price too!!

Off I went to fetch it, into deepest Birmingham!

This is when I discovered one of the few downsides to e bike ownership... they are very heavy and bulky!
My flimsy bike carrier was not up to the job, so down went the seats and in it JUST went.

I got it home and charged the battery while I set the seat, bars, etc.
This was my first 29er, and it came as a bit of a shock to find tools were required to take a wheel off!
My backpack was cleared of old 26 tubes and tyres, and refilled with 29er ones, and tools checked for fit.

The bike seemed to be well constructed, I tightened a few nuts, lined everything up to suit me and waited for the charge lights to go up.
The forks are Rock Shox Judy, with air adjust and a lockout...on the fork top, for £2k I really expect it to be bar mounted.
All the brakes and drive train are shimano, and work perfectly from the box.

Another warning! These bikes are very heavy, so what would be a very gentle squeeze of a brake lever needs to be a much tighter grip...disconcerting at first!

Battery charged, all set up, time to head out on the new toy.
The power is provided by a Bosch performance line CX motor, and a 400 power pack.
I was a little worried that the 400 wouldn’t be large enough to cope, so was very happy when I turned it on and saw 58 miles in eco mode...just wondered how much help it was going to give me!

The bazinga has five modes, off/eco/tour/emtb/turbo.
Off being the “oh I thought I would get further than that!” Option!
I set off in eco and was happily surprised at the assistance available, the gears worked well, changing easily up and down. For the averagely fit person on normal roads, eco will see you through most things if you zoom up and down the gears.
The modes can be changed using the ourion display on the left handlebar. This is the base model controller, and I have display envy of some of the more complex options available...but I suppose it keeps the costs down!
Turning up to tour helps with longer hills, it feels like you have been given another set of legs, which are MUCH healthier than the weak sticks already dangling from your bum!
Emtb is fantastic off road. Should you suddenly be faced with a rutted track rising into the sky, don’t panic! Just look up and pedal! The system will bail you out...it is amazing fun! There was a super healthy 6% body fat chap on a carbon super mtb that I zinged past with a hearty “morning!”
This seemed to irritate him somewhat, as he caught me up as I waited for my wife at the top of the hill “you didn’t get too far ahead” he sneered.
“No, not bad for a disabled person, who otherwise would be stuck on a sofa”
He did at least have the grace to look embarrassed!
The final mode is turbo.
This is very powerful, and scoops the bike and rider up to 16.7 mph at an incredible lick, and keeps you easily therewhile you are pedalling. Do NOT start pedalling until you are totally ready! It will just bugger off in whichever direction the bars are pointed!
This can lead to some interesting swear words and sheepish looks!

I have had the bike for a couple of months now and can’t fault it. Everything still works, it can handle all terrains, and weathers...the only real worry is leaving it anywhere...chains and locks in the pack!!

Why did I buy one?
I have recently had more and more issues with my health, meaning that standard bikes are not a real option for me on most days, sadly increasing to ever!
This Has been an absolute life giver for me...when I wear it out, I will buy another in a flash!

Should you buy one?
It only has front suspension, so if a bouncer at the back matters, you may need to spend a little more for one of those.
Most of the time, on most roads and tracks, this will be fine though...16mph on single track is AMAZING!

Get down to Halfords and have a weekend test ride...just brace your pocket for the “I neeeed one!” Feeling on the Monday!


Nov 27, 2018
I have had this bike for a year now and am still as impressed as before...a real rarity for me!

I have become less mobile recently, a couple of mini strokes will do that, and can no longer drive, so the Voodoo gets used quite a lot.
It has stayed in one piece, nothing has broken or fallen off, astonishing with the abuse it receives.

upsides; the wheels are super strong, still round! The motor is the Bosch Beast, so all good there too.
Downsides; The fork seals popped, and it took Halfords 3 months to get some in stock...I will be upgrading these at some point. The brakes are not really up to the job, what I mentioned earlier as needing a good squeeze is just not on, now I am regularly doing decent miles on it, it really shows, and it is on its second set of brake pads...another area to consider upgrading. The original seat didn’t suit me, a new one is now fitted, with some cushioning, considering a suspension seat post upgrade too.

Thays my first year down, I will update as. I have something more to tell, or I find the upgrades I require.

If only there was a throttle conversion for this bike it would be almost perfect!