Voodoo Zobop Bafang BBSHD

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This bike is brand new and newly built with brand new Bafang BBSHD and Luna Mighty Mini Cube battery. The battery is 52v and 6Ah, which is 310wh. A friend of mine is selling it. If anybody is interested, I can put you in touch. He's selling it at £1700, which is just below cost price. He has all receipts. The bike came from Halfords, the battery from Luna and the motor from a UK supplier IIRC, but I don't know which.

Performancewise, it can just about reach 40mph with a following wind. Range would be about 20 miles of normal riding, which is what he gets on another bike with the same motor and battery. Obviously if you try to sustain 40 mph it's not going to go far. You can always get an additional battery if you want to go further. These batteries are tiny and light.

This bike is very stealthy and light. It's also not an EAPC/EPAC so shouldn't be used in public places: