What Cassette and Chainring For 2013 Haibike EQ Trekking


Finding my (electric) wheels
Aug 24, 2013
Hi All, my Haibike EQ Trekking from 2013, the Sram Dual Drive 3 broke and I replaced the wheel so lost a lot of gearing so top speed is very slow as a result.

Can anyone tell me what to replace to front chain ring to ? I don't know what the old chain ring was, maybe 36 t ? also the 9 speed cassette will probably have to be replaced for better hill climbing and I'm not sure what to replace it to get similar gearing that the Sram provided, I really liked that hub, it was really great being able to change gear under load.

What's the best chain to replace it with too while I'm at it ?

Haven't been on the bike in a couple of years been meaning to do this a long time ago and now that I am a lot more unfit that I was I realise how bloddy little 50 Nm of torque really is! I'd love the newer gen with 80 odd Nm of torque.

This generation of Bosch is rather difficult to pedal without the motor because there is a drag on the peddles due to some resisitance.

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